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​"Our guides were excellent at keeping our group together and rallying us from bar to bar while keeping energy levels high."

- Sarinea M.. (Yelp review)



About Me:

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I'm part of a geek squad by day, working in tech. Rest of the time you can find me soaking in some sun on the beach, roller skating and on the dance floor. It fills my heart to see others living their best lives and celebrating with us at San Diego Nightlife Tours! 

3 Truths / 1 Lie:

  • I have 2 mini-poodle mix dogs

  • I'm 1 of 7 children

  • I have a pet snake

  • I'm Puerto Rican 

Favorite Hype Song:

Friki - Feid & Karol G

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About Me:

I’m San Diego’s very own cherry wine ! Having been born and raised in San Diego, this city is my kingdom. My passion for music fuels my connection to nightlife and has always been something I’ve truly loved. My three tour rules are as follows: 1. Safety first. 2. Always make eye contact when you cheers. 3. Have the time of your life!


3 Truths / 1 Lie:

  • I am an only child

  • I'm a Leo 

  • My height is 5’1”

  • I'm a die-hard Disneyland enthusiast

Favorite Hype Song:

Pure Water - Mustard & Migos 

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About Me:

Ay!!  It's ya boy Kevvv!  Where the party is we will follow... Hailing from the wild wild EAST, Florida - where the party never stops. Lover of life and seeing folks smile.  My mantra is: Life is too short (so am I)  not to live it song by song... Meet me on the dance floor!! 


3 Truths / 1 Lie:

  • I'm the same height as Kevin Hart

  • I love the Giants

  • I hate Tequila 

  • I've been to Belize

Favorite Hype Song:

Shabba - A$AP Ferg

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About Me:

I moved to Sunny San Diego from Sin City (Las Vegas, NV). My favorite weekend activity is going to brunch for bottomless mimosas! I love meeting new people and exploring new hot spots in town. In my downtime I am usually cuddling my sweet kitten.

3 Truths / 1 Lie:

  • I have 3 bug tattoos

  • I've never traveled outside the US

  • I have 3 brothers

  • My favorite color is pink


Favorite Hype Song:

Crazy Beautiful Life - Ke$ha

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About Me:

I'm a Cali girl, with an NY state of mind (having been born in Yonkers, NY)! I
am a proud Belizean- American. As an entertainer, and lover of music, the nightlife is
somewhat of my playground. I love meeting new people and making memories. Just out here living my best life,


3 Truths / 1 Lie:

● I am from San Diego
● I have tattoos
● My favorite music artist is Tyler the Creator
● I can do an impressive cockney London accent


Favorite Hype Song:

Big Drip - Fivio Foreign

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About Me:

I was born & raised in San Diego. I love my city! I'm a firm believer in the fact that even a lifetime here isn't long enough to try out EVERYTHING it has to offer!  I love the arts; music, painting, poetry, and im a (semi-decent) plant mom. With school and a full time job crowding up my days, im always so excited to spend my nights out on the town, meeting new people and making memories!


3 Truths / 1 Lie:

  • I hate sushi 

  • I have 9 tattoos 

  • I've been to 7 different Caribbean Islands 

  • I lived in Mexico for part of my childhood 


Favorite Hype Song:

Numb Numb Juice- ScHoolboy Q

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About Me:

I was born and raised in San Diego and I love my city. I have always had a passion for music and dancing so I am always the first on the dance floor and the last to leave. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoy life to the fullest and Gaslamp is the place to do it!

3 Truths / 1 Lie:

  • I have backpacked through Europe

  • I have had my foot stepped on by an teen elephant

  • I am allergic to peanuts

  • I plan on owning chickens one day


Favorite Hype Song:

I Look Good- Charlie Boy



About Me:

Having been born & raised in San Diego, saying I have an appreciation for my city is an understatement.  As those close to me will tell you: I'm all about the hospitality life!  In these uncertain times it truly is a joy to provide others with an outlet to forget about what ails them, enjoy their weekend, and remember that being social interaction is what makes us human! 


3 Truths / 1 Lie:

  • I have a twin sister

  • I've been on 3 different game shows

  • I'm full Filipino

  • I'm a chocolate chip cookie monster


Favorite Hype Song:

Pursuit of Happiness (Aoki Remix) -  Kid Cudi

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